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A game controller for your phone

Fling mini is a pair of joysticks for iPhone, iPod touch, or Android devices. It gives you controls you can touch for any game that has an on-screen joystick.

Fling mini's patent pending design gives your games a true analog stick feel. They come as a pair, for maximum compatibility with all games.

See-through control over hundreds of games

Many developers have optimized their game for Fling mini, so you won't have any trouble finding Fling mini compatible apps. Anything with a virtual joystick on-screen will work.

Fling mini will increase your skill

iPhone gaming is all about precision maneuvering, and Fling mini gives you this crucial advantage.

As you control a game with Fling mini, it pushes gently back towards the center position.  This haptic feedback guides and stabilizes your gameplay, making every action more accurate.

Should you tell your friends? Maybe, but definitely don't tell your opponents!

Fling mini is the new old-school

Miss your console? Fling mini gives you the feel of an analog joystick, so your games feel even more immersive.

When the screen illuminates, Fling mini melts away and the screen shines through, keeping you on top of all the action.


Be a choir boy

Fling mini is designed for gaming on the go. It's perfect for those unexpected moments waiting on your train, your lunch, your dad, your class, or your next appointment. Choir boys use this between songs during church.

What does Fling mini do that's worth risking salvation? It lets you game faster, longer, and better. You'll eclipse your high scores and puzzle your opponents.

Fling mini's suction cups are perfectly located to maneuver around standard smartphone button locations, so you'll have an easy time locating it over the touchscreen joystick.

The mechanical spring is tuned for the perfect amount of resistance. You'll discover a new world of precision control the first time you use Fling mini.

Refined materials

Fling mini is constructed from silky-smooth anodized aluminum and an incredibly tough, unusually flexible engineering-grade resin. It's nearly indestructible and will give you years of precision gaming.

Besides being made to last, Fling mini was designed from the earliest sketches to visually pop. You know that look your friends get when they see you have something amazing, but they're trying to play it cool?  You will soon

Easy storage

You can attach Fling mini to the back of your smartphone, or use the included fleece bag. Either way, your trusty joysticks stay with you, ready for that unexpected opportunity to start gaming.