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Targus SmartSurge 4 Gang With USB APS10AP-50 Power Socket

The targus surge protectors prevent your equipment from drawing more electricity than what the power multiplier can handle. the surge protectors disconnect from the power, preventing electrical fires, and extending the life of your equipment by absorbing the damage caused by unstable voltage. the usb smart detection automatically detects the exact charge required by the connected devices and delivers maximum charging speed accordingly.


  • Outlet x 4 + USB x 2 (12W / 2.4A) 
  • Surge Protection 1,000 JOULES
  • Maximum Current: 250V, 13A or 3,250W
  • USB Smart Detection: Automatically detect which the exact charge required by the connected devices and delivering MAX charging speed accordingly
  • 2M / 6.6FT Power Cord
  • Child Safety Shutter
  • Weight 630 gram


Color :Black

Exterior Dimensions (fully expanded) :
60 x 354 x 39 mm

Other : 

Country of Origin : China

Warranty : 
Limited 2 Years Warranty

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