15 Deserving Students Thankful on Laptop Sponsorship

15 deserving students receiving their Laptops via the ALL IT Student Laptop Sponsorship CSR campaign at MyTown Shopping Centre, KL. Laptops were presented by Mr Yee PP, Managing Director of ALL IT (left), Mr Khong Chook Chong, Chairman of ALL IT (centre) and Mr Jeffrey Lai, Senior Product Manager of Acer Malaysia (right).


Kuala Lumpur, July 28 2018 - In conjunction with ALL IT Hypermarket’s 15th Anniversary celebration, ALL IT sponsored 15 laptops to assist 15 deserving young Malaysians to excel in their tertiary studies. This CSR Campaign is supported by ALL IT We Care Charity Fund and co-sponsored by Acer Malaysia. Each student received an Acer Laptop worth RM1749.

Mr Khong, Chairman of ALL IT expressed in his opening speech, “This CSR campaign is very different from just donating cash and daily necessities. We spent a lot of effort especially in processing the applications. It is definitely worth it when seeing the response was so encouraging. The sponsorship message just went viral!”

ALL IT topped up additional RM200 worth of voucher each to another 20 recipients. Thus, this campaign has benefited total 35 students from 18 local colleges and universities throughout Malaysia and total sponsorship is more than RM30,000. 

Mr Yee, Managing Director of ALL IT congratulated the students and believed that with the help of IT Technology, it could help to close the technology gap for learning yet being able to ease the students’ financial burden.

Recipients came with a big smile and a grateful heart. Muhd Aiman, currently pursuing Bachelor Degree of Mechanical Engineering, “Coming from a family of 7 kids, I am really happy to be selected as one of the recipients. I hope ALL IT can benefit more needy students like me in future.” Yasaaswini, a student from UKM currently studying Biomedical Science came with her mum, “It is such a relief for my family. This is like a dream come true for me.”

Nur Sajidah, medical student from Islamic Science Uni of Msia expressed, “I never expect I could be the lucky one! With the laptop, I can be more efficient with my studies and hopefully I have more time to juggle with my part time job to support my family”. Shin Yi, the top scorer in SPM, currently pursuing Health Science Forensic Science degree from USM said, “I am thrilled to receive the laptop when I needed it most. I promise I will use it wisely for my studies. Thank you ALL IT. I am truly blessed.”

ALL IT Hypermarket will be celebrating its 15th Anniversary Sale at all retail outlets on 3-5 Aug 2018. More details go 

Laptop Sponsorship Recipients List -  Click Here to View Result



Press Release - Launching for the Campaign


Student Laptop Sponsorship jointly launched by Mr Alvin Lim, Channel Account Manager of Acer Malaysia (left), Mr Yee PP, Managing Director of ALL IT (centre) and Mr Khong Chook Chong, Chairman of ALL IT (right).


Kuala Lumpur, June 1 2018 - In conjunction with ALL IT Hypermarket's 15th Anniversary celebration, ALL IT is sponsoring 15 laptops to assist 15 deserving young Malaysians to excel in their tertiary studies. Each selected student will receive an Acer Laptop worth at least RM1749.

This CSR Campaign is supported by ALL IT We Care Charity Fund and co-sponsored by Acer Malaysia. Mr Yee PP, Managing Director of ALL IT said, "2018 is our 15th year in IT retailing business, from our 1st outlet in Low Yat to 11 retail outlets and few online stores; along with our steady growth, we are also committed to giving back to the society through our CSR programme."

Unlike the merit scholarship, this campaign aims to help the deserving students rather than being based on their study results. Thus, student applying must meet the criteria of monthly household income being less than RM5000 and currently not receiving any financial aids from any organisations.

Mr Khong, Chairman of ALL IT, said that this campaign is in line with ALL IT We Care Charity Fund's vision to improve community's wellbeing and give aid to people in need. ALL IT's previous CSR Campaign includes Recycling e-waste and giving a helping hand to Malaysian Red Crescent, Malaysian Nature Society, National Autism Society of Malaysia etc.

"Acer Malaysia is excited with this opportunity to participate in such a meaningful event and contribute to easing the burden of some of our local underprivileged students. We hope this opportunity and assistance will be able to close the technology gap for these deserving recipients," said Mr Alvin Lim, Channel Account Manager of Acer Malaysia.

The application closing date is June 30, 2018 and winners will be announced in July. Interested candidates can get more info at ALL IT will also be celebrating their 15th Anniversary Sale at all outlets in August 2018.

Q - Question

A - Mr Alvin Lim, Channel Account Manager of Acer Malaysia

K - Mr Khong Chook Chong, Chairman of ALL IT

Y - Mr Yee PP, Managing Director of ALL IT


Q - Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary! We know that ALL IT has been actively participating in CSR campaign, why did you all choose a Laptop Sponsorship this round rather than just giving donations to charity organisations?

Y - Thanks. Yes, previously we have done some charity events including 2008 SiChuan Earthquake, Charity Bargain to Red Crescent, Recycle e-waste and donations to numerous orphanages and old folks home over the years. This year we want to make it a little special. Instead of giving donations directly, we are running a scholarship-like application process for students to apply for a free laptop. Although it appears simple, there are a lot of behind-the-scene work; from planning to launching it, visiting colleges and universities, to processing the forms, filtering to ensure they meet our criteria etc. The whole process requires several months.

But we are committed, because we see education as the key of shaping our future generations. Education brings out the best of young people. Without them, our country wouldn't develop and prosper.







Q - You mentioned students applying for the laptop sponsorship need to meet certain criteria. How can they qualify?

K - Firstly, they must be Malaysian citizen not more than 25 years of age, currently studying full-time, and enrolled as a local Pre-U or Undergrad student. Since we aim to help the lower income group, their combined household gross income must be less than RM5,000 a month. With the ever rising standard of living, not all students can afford a laptop, especially when there are few children in a family or even single parent family. Lastly, the student has to be currently not receiving any financial aid from any organisations.


Q - Acer Malaysia came in to offer a helping hand, why did Acer choose to collaborate in this meaningful campaign?

A - First of all, we would like to thank ALL IT for proposing this campaign. We have been approached throughout the year for sponsorships, but were delighted when we heard of this campaign as our laptops can directly assist the students in their studies. Nowadays, computers are becoming basic necessities. Students use them for research, gathering info, completing assignments, conducting online classes and some even taking online exams; allowing them the convenience of owning one and alleviating their need to cramp in computer labs is worth a while contribution. So, without much hesitation. We have agreed to collaborate with ALL IT in such meaningful campaign.


Q - This is first time you offer this sponsorship, do you foresee any possible obstacle or any challenges?

Y - Yes, this is the first time that we are doing this and we are very excited. We hope to spread the news around to as many students as possible. We have a short video to capture student's attention and it will be boosted on social media. We will visit local colleges and universities to create the awareness, and hopefully get more entries. We will also be announcing it in our own website, doing email blast and poster display at our own outlets.

A - Acer Malaysia has also agreed to share the campaign info on our email blast and on our facebook.

K - Yes, Acer Malaysia's support is great help indeed. It's not easy to look for co-sponsors. Earlier, we approached few more parties in different industries to co-sponsor but were rejected. No doubt, the current slow economy really does have an impact on company expenditure. We are glad that the campaign is still going on as planned.


Q - Lastly, can you reveal what are the other plans in the pipeline to commemorate ALL IT's 15th Anniversary celebration?

Y - Since the beginning of the year, we have held numerous contests to cater different market - Getaway Contest, CNY Prosperity Contest, Parents' Day Giveaway; just to name a few. Coming up, we will have promotions and sale at outlets, both online and offline channels. Our biggest sale will be our 15th Anniversary Sale in August across all outlets, to reward our customers for their loyalty all these years. Also, we will be launching our corporate gift series this month to mark this important milestone. In October, we will be back again in IOI City Mall at Putrajaya for our Digital Carnival roadshow. There are a lot of exciting events and promotions coming up, so stay tuned!


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