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Aztech Blink Camera Starter Kit (Camera + SyncModule)

This compact size camera allows you to place your Blink cameras anywhere in your home. With no wires to worry about, Blink is designed to go where other systems cannot. Place it on a bookshelf,desk or tabletop, attach it to the wall or ceiling, or mount it in a corner. This exceptional technology delivers up to 2 years of battery life powered by only two AA batteries. In addition to live streaming anytime and from anywhere through the Blink Home Monitor app, be awed by Blink’s sophisticated and instant motion-activated video alerts which bring surveillance to a whole new level. Free cloud storage, auto arm/disarm, temperature sensor, low-light illumination, and a built-in microphone round out a rich feature set that allows Blink to assuredly deliver ease of mind to home owners. 

Live View

Easily access on-demand video streaming through the Blinkapp.

720P HD Video

Ensures that you get a clear view of your home or business, withminimal distortion or blurring.

Instant On

With Blink’s Instant On feature, video recording starts within afraction of a second, so you’ll get a clear look at who or whattriggered the alert.

Instant Alerts

Quickly receive a push notification alert with a link to thevideo attached, so you can decide how to respond.

Built-in Microphone

A built-in microphone allows one-way audio access, so you canboth see and hear what’s happening at home.

Motion Detection

Blink’s feature-rich system includes a motion detector; whenarmed, any detected motion triggers the recording of a short videoclip.

Low-Light Illumination

Blink’s built-in LED illuminator couples with the advancedlow-light performance of our proprietary technology to ensure thatyou always receive full-color, HD quality video, day or night.Blink detects low-light conditions and automatically turns on theLED to a user controlled illumination level.

Privacy Assurance

A non-hackable, hardware-based LED indicator lets you know whenBlink is recording, or in Live View mode, so you’ll never be caughtoff guard.

Auto Arm/ Disarm

In addition to manually arming and disarming your Blink system,you will be able to arm/disarm the system automatically! Schedulethese times in advance to define when the system is active.

Multi-System Support

Do you have a small business, vacation home, boat at the marinaor a very large house? With multi-system support you will be ableto access each of your Blink home security systems from within asingle Blink Home Monitor app account.

***2-years warranty from manufacturer

General Features:

Location Indoor
Megapixels 720.0
Model Aztech Blink Camera Starter Kit (Camera + Sync Module)
Size (L x W x H) 71 x 30 x 71

What's in the box:

  • 1 Sync Module
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 power adapter
  • 1 Blink camera
  • 2 AA lithium batteries
  • 1 mounting kit (consists of a mounting bracket and a mountingscrew)