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Specifications in detail
Printing System
Dye-sublimation thermal transfer printing system

Maximum resolution
300 x 300 dpi

3 colour inks (yellow, cyan, magenta) with protective over coating
256 levels per colour (24 bit colour depth)

Media & Cartridge
Postcard Size
148 x 100 mm - KP-36IP, RP-108, RP-1080V

Credit Card Size
86 x 54 mm - [KC-36IP]1

Credit Card Size Stickers
86 x 54 mm - [KC-18IF]2

Square Stickers
50 x 50 mm - [KC-18IS]3

Mini Stickers
22.0 x 17.3 mm (x8 stickers on one sheet) - [KC-18IL]4

Ink Cartridge
Included with media

Image Longevity
100 Years Print5

Media Input
Sheet Feeder
Auto feed from paper cassette