2017 marks another milestone for our efforts in CSR campaigns. We have introduced our very own ‘We CARE Charity Fund’.
All funds raised will be used for worthy causes such as donating to charitable foundations and non-profit organisations.
This is a living testament of our commitment to CARE for your sustainable future.
To support this vision, all our missions are driven by the ‘4 Pillars of CARE’, which are:- 

C – Community’s wellbeing

A – Aid during emergency or to the people in need

R – Recycling for a better tomorrow

E – Educating the public
CSR malaysia


These are the past activities that we have done to communicate our CARE for a sustainable future:


2018 – We Care To Recycle E-Waste

According to the reports from e-Cycle LLC (2013) and Department of Environment Malaysia (2015), there are at least 6 toxic materials found in our mobile phones and powerbanks, such as arsenic, bromine, cadmium, lead, mercury and PVC. Some are cancer causing materials; if we do not dispose the items responsibly, it may end up in the landfill and these toxic materials will rapidly degrade the soil’s health. If the materials are burnt, it will be released to the atmosphere and this will affect the whole ecosystems because the excessive exposure to the materials can cause negative impacts on our liver, skin, respiratory and nervous systems.

And according to an article by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Ex Research Institute Ltd in 2014, the estimated amount of e-waste generation in Malaysia will increase tremendously – especially for the mobile phones and powerbanks.

Therefore, ALL IT recognises the dire need to recycle mobile phones and powerbanks through e-Waste collectors that are endorsed by the Department of Environment Malaysia. In March 2018, we conducted an online Quiz to raise awareness on this by giving out 100 Elianware 3 in 1 Food Keeper without any purchase requirement. We also encouraged the public to drop off their mobile phones and powerbanks at any of our outlets by giving out Lucky Draw prizes. Much effort was done to promote the campaign through Facebook boost posts. We believe that the success of any campaign starts off with us, hence, we conducted an internal contest among outlets to push the message across to the public. A total amount of RM4,138 was invested into the campaign. Though the campaign is over, we hope that the public will continue to recycling e-Waste responsibly. Together, we can make a difference for a better environment.


2017 – Penang Flood Relief

In the wee hours of Sunday on 5th November, 2017, Penang experienced one of the worst flood disaster in history. The water level rose to about 10 to 12 feet, reaching the roof of the landed house. Seven people died due to the storm and more than 3,500 Penangites were evacuated. The situation was very critical and it caused Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to call for help from the Royal Malaysian Armed Force.

In response to the need of the people who were forced to leave their homes, ALL IT raised a total amount of RM3,818.75 over a weekend and channelled it to them through the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS). We would like to thank all our customers who were quick to respond to this fund-raising activity and for their generous contributions.

2017 - Recycle With A Purpose 

We have rolled out ALL IT Recycle Bag at all our retail outlets as the 1st initiative to raise fund for ‘We CARE Charity Fund’. The laptop-sized fitted bag is retailing at only RM3.90 each and there are 3 colours in the leading series. We plan to make it a long term initiative and there will be more series to be launched soon. Public responded well especially it goes in line with government’s green movement in charging additional 20 cents for each plastic bag in Selangor now. Now everyone can ‘Recycle with a Purpose’ by purchasing the recycle bag; not just to reduce usage of plastic bag but also contributing to ‘We CARE Charity Fund’.

2016 - The Joy of Giving

Few weeks prior to Christmas in 2016, we have launched a “The Joy of Giving” fundraising campaign at our retail outlets. Customers are encouraged to participate by donating RM1 to make a wish; by writing down their wish on a card then hang it on our dedicated Christmas tree. All funds raised were donated to Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-anak Yatim Sayang KL & Selangor, an orphanage located in Kajang Perdana. Aligned with 1Malaysia’s vision, this orphanage home was established in 2010 to help the less fortunate children, regardless of their race.

We visited the home with full loads of daily necessities, stationaries, printer & ink supplies. The children welcomed us with great smiles and of course excited to receive new books, colouring materials and feasting on Colonel’s recipe chicken. Although it was just a simple act of giving, again we were enlightened by the quote “Gain Joy for yourself by Giving More to others”.

2015 - Sunshine September for Autism Awareness

Autism is a complex neural-developmental disorder which results in communication, sensory, social and learning disabilities. The actual cause(s) of autism is not yet known and there has not been a cure found for it. Statistics report that 60% of children with typical autism will grow up dependent on adults in all aspects of life. Every year, about 9000 children are born with autism in Malaysia. As of 2014, 1 in 68 children are identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) every year. Sunshine September is an event dedicated to creating awareness about childhood autism, and raising funds for the non-profit, non-governmental National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM). Started in 2010, by Suria KLCC Mall, Alamanda Shopping Centre and Mesra Mall, the month-long awareness drive has raised over RM1.4mil for NASOM. In 2015, ALL IT participated in this awareness campaign launched by Suria KLCC Group together with other tenants in the form of fund donations.

Sunshine September is an event dedicated to creating awareness about childhood autism, and raising funds for the non-profit, non-governmental National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM). Started in 2010, by Suria KLCC Mall, Alamanda Shopping Centre and Mesra Mall, the month-long awareness drive has raised over RM1.4mil for NASOM. In 2015, ALL IT participated in this awareness campaign launched by Suria KLCC Group together with other tenants in the form of fund donations.

2015 - E-Waste Recycling Programme

Did you know there were more than 41m tonnes of 'e-waste' generated in 2014? Ranging from washing machines to mobile phones, if the estimated amount of e-waste generated every year would be put into containers on a train it would go once around the world! With the aim to create awareness on e-waste’s hazardous effect on the environment and to promote waste reduction, ALL IT has launched a month-long Recycle e-waste Green Campaign at various outlets. We have appointed an e-waste collector which is licensed by Department of Environment and obtained ISO 2008 certification.

We are overwhelmed by public response; by the end of the campaign we collected a huge quantity of e-waste – 71 units of CPUs, 69 units of printers, 31 units of monitors, 47 units of notebooks/tablets, 35kg of mix cables and most of all 250kg of mix items (stereo, networking, keyboard/mouse)! Although the amount raised is not a big figure, but we are glad that we managed to create the public awareness in educating them. Currently, public can still bring in their old or used computer parts and donate into our recycle bins at Low Yat, Digital Mall and IPC outlets.

In Sept 2015, ALL IT has donated all the funds raised to Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) for its conservation work. Celebrating their 75th Anniversary this year, they are the oldest environment related NGO is Malaysia. Vision - For Malaysia’s natural heritage and rich biological diversity to be effectively protected, managed and conserved for the benefit and appreciation of all Malaysians. We hope everyone will play their part in preserving our environment for a better green future.

2013 - Charity Bargain Where "You Spend, We Donate"

The Malaysian Red Crescent founded in 1948; is a voluntary humanitarian organisation that seeks to promote humanitarian values, as well as provide service and public education in disaster management, and health and care in the community. Voluntary in nature, it is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the world's largest independent humanitarian network.

In conjunction with our 10th year Anniversary in 2013, ALL IT organized a charity campaign named “Charity Bargain” which consists of Direct Donation of 1% Sales Revenue, Clearance Sale, Kid’s Draw for Charity event. With great support from product principals and suppliers, we managed to raise RM37,250. All funds raised were to be used to upgrade their ambulance & disaster facilities.

2013 - Rainbow of Life Forces Gold Ribbon
(Grant-A-Wish Campaign)

Gold Ribbon Campaign is initiated to fulfil wishes of children who are underprivileged and irremediably disabled (physical and mental). Every year the organizer will prepare the children’s wish list and donor writes in to grant the wish of a particular child. Once confirmed, both child and donor will attend the Gift Handover Ceremony where donor personally gets to meet and pass the gift to the child. Thus far, ROFL has granted approximately 5500 wishes of the children in Malaysia and India, Nepal.

In 2013, ALL IT participated in the Gold Ribbon Campaign and we were delighted to meet the children personally. Children waited patiently for their turn in receiving the gifts they wished for; amongst those we gave out IT products ie External Hard Drive, MP3, flash drive as well as daily items ie school bags, shoes and sports equipment. The event ended up with a scrumptious lunch for all the children.

2011 - Redeem for Charitable Cause by
ALL IT Rewards Program

In 2011, ALL IT Rewards Program has launched a month long redemption program “Redeem for Charitable Cause” that encourages member to use their rewards points to redeem daily necessity items and donate to The Rumah Ornag Tua Ampang and Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Klang. For every item redeemed by members, ALL IT matched 1-to-1 with the same item. The items we have donated include rice, biscuits, cooking oil, milo, detergent, dish wash, tissue roll, toothpaste etc.

Located at Jalan Merdeka, Kampung Baru Ampang – The Rumah Orang Tua Ampang has been taking care of senior citizen in need for decades. The caretaker do not just provide accommodation and daily food needs but also shower the senior citizens with great care, love and patience.

The second Home that we have chosen is Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Klang, located at Kampung Raja Uda. It is a happy multi-racial home with children of ages ranging from 3 months to 26. The home is currently taking care of over 80 handicapped children with disabilities such as Down Syndrome, Autism, Blindness, Deafness, Muteness, Mental retardation and others.

2008 - Sichuan Earthquake Disaster Relief

The 2008 Sichuan earthquake or the Great Sichuan Earthquake happened on May 12, 2008 in Sichuan province, killed 69,197 people and left 18,222 missing. The earthquake left about 4.8 million people homeless and greatly needed help to rebuild their homes. The earthquake had a magnitude of 8.0M and 7.9M. The epicenter was in Wenchuan County, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, 80 km west/northwest of the provincial capital of Chengdu, with its main tremor occurring on May 12, 2008 lasting for around 2 minutes, in the quake almost 80% of buildings were destroyed.

ALL IT, together with suppliers’ support and donation in kind, we held a Charity Fund-raising Sale at our outlets and successfully raised a total amount of RM128,888 over a weekend. All proceeds have been donated to people in need via China Press. We would like to thank all our customers and suppliers for their generous contributions, as well as our employees who have put in much effort during the fund-raising sale.


We wish to express our sincere appreciation to our customers, suppliers, media and the NGOs for their great help and generosity in make all these events great successes.
We hope our little move has made our community a better place to live.