Afforda for HP 240 G4 (HS04) Battery

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Compatible Brands HP
Volt 14.6V
Capacity 2200MAH
Part No BTYHPC202243
Product Code 240 G4 (HS04)
Warranty 1 Year


Compatible Model

HP 14-AC150TX








HP 348 G3






HP 14-AM036TX

HP 14-AC018TX (M9V45PA)

HP 14-AC025TX (M9V87PA)

HP 14-AC030TX (N4F49PA)

HP 14-AC032TU (M9V37PA)

HP 14-AC059TU (N1W35PA)

HP 14-AC066TU (N4G16PA)

HP 14-AC116TX (P3D46PA)

HP 14-AC135TX (T5Q98PA)

HP 14-AC141TU (P3D47PA)

HP 14-AC142TU (P3D48PA)

HP 14-AF004AX (N4G28PA)

HP 14-AF103AX (P3D49PA)

HP 14-AF106AU (P3D50PA)

HP 14-AF107AU (P3U44PA)

HP 14AM035TX

HP 14-AM047TX

HP 14-AM054TX

HP 14-AM065TU

HP 14-AM065TU

HP 14-AM066TX

HP 14-AM101TX

HP 14-AM102TX

HP 14-AM103TX

HP 14G-AD004TX

HP 14Q

HP 14Q-AJ001TX

HP 14Q-AJ002TX

HP 14Q-AJ003TX

HP 15-AC000

HP 15-AC097TU

HP 15-AC097UR

HP 15-AC098NIA

HP 15-AC098NX

HP 15-AC098TU

HP 15-AC098UR

HP 15-AC099NIA

HP 15-AC099TU

HP 15-AC099UR

HP 15-AC100

HP 15-AC100ND

HP 15-AC100NF

HP 15-AC100NI

HP 15-AC100NIA

HP 15-AC198TU

HP 15-AC198TX

HP 15-AC199NE

HP 15-AC199NIA

HP 15-AC199TU

HP 15-AC199TX

HP 15-AC199UR

HP 15-AC500

HP 15-AC501TU

HP 15-AC502TU

HP 15-AC503TU

HP 15-AC504TU

HP 15-AC505TU

HP 15-AC506TU

HP 15-AC600

HP 15-AC600UR

HP 15-AC601TU

HP 15-AC601TX

HP 15-AC602TU

HP 15-AC602TX

HP 15-AC603TU

HP 15-AC603TX

HP 15-AC604TU

HP 15-AC604TX

HP 15-AC605TU

HP 15-AC606TU

HP 15-AC607TU

HP 15-AC608TU

HP 15-AF087NW

HP 15-AF091NG

HP 15-AF093NG

HP 15-AF100

HP 15-AF100NA

HP 15-AF100NC

HP 15-AF100NF

HP 15-AF100NIA

HP 15-AY523TU

HP 15-AY524TU

HP 15-AY525TU

HP 15-BA000

HP 15-BA001AU

HP 15-BA001DS

HP 15-BA002AU

HP 15-BA002DS

HP 15-BA003AU

HP 15-BA003AX

HP 15-BA003DS

HP 15-BA004AU

HP 15-BA005AU

HP 15-BA005AX

HP 15-BA005DS

HP 15-BA006AU

HP 15-BA006AX

HP 15-BA006DS

HP 15-BA007AX

HP 15-BA008AX

HP 15-BA008CA

HP 15-BA009AU

HP 15-BA009AX

HP 15-BA009CY

HP 15-BA009DX

HP 15-BA010AU

HP 15-BA010AX

HP 15-BA010CA

HP 15-BA010CY

HP 15-BA010NR

HP 15-BA011AU

HP 15-BA011CY

HP 15-BA012AU

HP 15-BA012AX

HP 15-BA012CY

HP 15-BA013AU

HP 15-BA013AX

HP 15-BA013CL

HP 15-BA013CY

HP 15-BA014AU

HP 15-BA014AX

HP 15-BA014CY

HP 15-BA014NR

HP 15-BA014WM

HP 15-BA015AU

HP 15-BA015AX

HP 15-BA015CY

HP 15-BA016AU

HP 15-BA016AX

HP 15-BA016CY

HP 15-BA017AU

HP 15-BA017AX

HP 15-BA018AU

HP 15-BA018AX

HP 15-BA018WM

HP 15-BA019AU

HP 15-BA019AX

HP 15-BA019NR

HP 15-BA020AU

HP 15-BA020AX

HP 15-BA020CA

HP 15-BA020NR

HP 15-BA021AU

HP 15-BA021AX

HP 15-BA021CA

HP 15-BA022AU

HP 15-BA022AX

HP 15-BA022CA

HP 15-BA022NR

HP 15-BA023AU

HP 15-BA023AX

HP 15-BA023CA

HP 15-BA024AU

HP 15-BA024AX

HP 15-BA024CA

HP 15-BA025AU

HP 15-BA025AX

HP 15-BA025CA

HP 15-BA026AU

HP 15-BA026AX

HP 15-BA026CA

HP 15-BA026WM

HP 15-BA027AU

HP 15-BA027AX

HP 15-BA027NR

HP 15-BA028AU

HP 15-BA028AX

HP 15-BA029AU

HP 15-BA030AU

HP 15-BA030CA

HP 15-BA030NR

HP 15-BA031AU

HP 15-BA031CA

HP 15-BA032AU

HP 15-BA032CA

HP 15-BA033AU

HP 15-BA033CA

HP 15-BA034AU

HP 15-BA034CA

HP 15-BA034WM

HP 15-BA035AU

HP 15-BA036AU

HP 15-BA036CA

HP 15-BA037AU

HP 15-BA037CL

HP 15-BA038AU

HP 15-BA038CA

HP 15-BA039AU

HP 15-BA040AU

HP 15-BA040CA

HP 15-BA040NR

HP 15-BA041AU

HP 15-BA042AU

HP 15-BA042NR

HP 15-BA043AU

HP 15-BA043WM

HP 15-BA044AU

HP 15-BA044NR

HP 15-BA045AU

HP 15-BA046AU

HP 15-BA047CL

HP 15-BA049CA

HP 15-BA051WM

HP 15-BA052WM

HP 15-BA053NR

HP 15-BA055SA

HP 15-BA057CA

HP 15-BA057CL

HP 15-BA067CL

HP 15-BA069NR

HP 15-BA078DX

HP 15-BA079DX

HP 15-BA081NR

HP 15-BA082NR

HP 15-BA083NR

HP 15-BA084NR

HP 15-BA085NR

HP 15-BA089NR

HP 15-BA100

HP 15-BA113CL

HP 15-BA138CA

HP 15-BA140CA

HP 15-BD000

HP 15-BD001TX

HP 15G

HP 15G-AD000

HP 15G-AD001TX

HP 15G-AD002TX

HP 15G-AD003TX

HP 15G-AD004TX

HP 15G-AD005TX

HP 15G-AD006TX

HP 15G-AD007TX

HP 15G-AD100

HP 15G-AD101TX

HP 15G-AD102TX

HP 15G-AD103TX

HP 15G-AD104TX

HP 15G-AD105TX

HP 15G-AD106TX

HP 15G-AD107TX

HP 15G-AD108TX

HP 15G-AD109TX

HP 15G-AD110TX

HP 15Q

HP 15Q-AJ000

HP 15Q-AJ001TX

HP 15Q-AJ002TX

HP 15Q-AJ003TX

HP 15Q-AJ004TX

HP 15Q-AJ005TX

HP 15Q-AJ006TX

HP 15Q-AJ100

HP 15Q-AJ101TX

HP 15Q-AJ102TX

HP 15Q-AJ103TX

HP 15Q-AJ104TX

HP 15Q-AJ105TX

HP 15Q-AJ107TX

HP 15Q-AJ108TX

HP 15Q-AJ109TX

HP 15Q-AJ110TX

HP 15Q-AJ111TX

HP 15T-AC000

HP 15T-AC100

HP 15Z-AF000

HP 17-X061NR

HP 17-X100

HP 17-X100CA

HP 17-X100CY

HP 17-X100DS

HP 17-X101CY

HP 17-X101DS

HP 17-X101TX

HP 5-BA004DS

HP RT3290

HP 348 G4

HP 14-AN012AU

HP 15-AC173TX

HP 14-AC042TU

HP 15-AY104TX

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